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Split File backup into multiple files


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I just had to do some reorg of some backup sets (moving files around, changing recycle options, etc.). And I was thinking about recent (and reoccurring) comments regarding Retro's inability to throw away recent incremental backups while retaining earlier backups (incremental and, most importantly, the full base from the first or a recycle backup).


How about changing the File backup to create *multiple* files rather than one big file? This would make it easier to see/control/retain incremental backups without having to do a full recycle that discards all previous backups and exposes the user to the short-term risk of having *no* backup at the moment of recycle. An example of these files would be:


FileBackup_DateAndTimeB.rbf (first full backup or recycled backup + snapshot)

FileBackup_DateAndTime1.rbf (incremental backup + snapshot)

FileBackup_DateAndTime2.rbf (incremental backup + snapshot)

FileBackup_DateAndTime3.rbf (incremental backup + snapshot)



Another option would be to have Retro have an "internal" way to do this (e.g. removing incremental backups by deleting later parts of the file or copying the Full/Recycle portion to a new temp file then swapping the filenames). But using separate files (exposing it to the knowledgable user) could be useful and has the advantage of keeping the file sizes down vs. having one ever-growing file (e.g. for backups to server disks).


Note that this is different than Disk backups which are attempting to segment the backup files based on *size*. This would be doing it based on *content*.

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FWIW The Retrospect Express version that ships with the Maxtor 2 drives is capable of removing old/unneeded data from backups much like you described.





Great. Sounds like a useful feature to add the the *more expensive* **Pro** version.

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