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More Logging-Slow Backups

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I have a server that the backups take about four hours to complete but the backup time is way less than that. Below is the email summary for that server.


Script "EasyScript Backup" finished a "Normal" backup to "Backup Set A" on "1/4/2005 4:09" "661" files ("62976" KB) on "Backup Clients/SVTS01/Drive C (C:)" were backed up in "122" seconds.


The previous server completed it's backup just after midnight so the 122 seconds of backup took 4 hours! Other servers with comparable number of files and size will complete in less than half an hour.


Is there anyway that I can turn on some more logging so I can see more detail about when each step starts and stops (i.e. building snapshot, backing up, confirming etc.)? Or does anyone have any other suggestions?




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I bet this is caused by snapshot creation. Snapshot creation is much slower on computers with a large number of files and folders. Size is irrelivant, the number of files and folders is the key.


Try a test backup with snapshots turned off. I think you will find it finishes very quickly.



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