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Long time building snapshot

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Some of my backup jobs take a very long time building the snapshot at the end of the normal 'Proactiv Backup'.


Backup set contains 98.3G for 617.096 files.


The last job vent on for 15 hours and 8 minuttes.


I am running Retrospect Multi Server 6.5.350 on a Windows 2003 Server Std. UK


Hardware: Dell PowerEdge 1800, 2 x Intel Xeon 2.8Ghz, 4 x SATA 160Gb RAID 5

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Retrospect updates NTFS permissions for every file and folder on the disk every time you run a backup. A large number of files will slow this down considerably. You can speed things up a bit by turning off NTFS permission backup in the script options. This will tell Retrospect to ignore NTFS permissions on files. NTFS permissions on folders will still be backed up.



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