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ATTO expressPCI UL4S 68 pin question

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I am in need of a new tape drive & SCSI host adaptor to work with a Dual 2ghz G5/Panther 10.3.7.

There's a long, frustrating and infuriating story there, but to make it short:



I'm considering the ATTO expressPCI UL4S host adaptor which lists its connector as "Very High Density Cable Interconnect (VHDCI) 68 pin.


Now when I look for a tape drive, must the 68 pin connector be the VHDCI 68 pin, or can I use an adaptor cable for a "regular" 68 pin connector such as HD68 pin??????


And if anybody has got a Retrospect/Tape Drive/SCSI host adaptor/G5/Panther combination actually WORKING in real life, PLEASE have mercy and post the product names/specifications.


Thanks in advance


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You can have a VHD connector on the card with a standard 68 pin connector on the drive no problem. The most important factor is the number of pins. If you have 68 pin connectors on both devices you will be fine.


50 pin tape devices should work too but a 50 pin SCSI card with a 68 pin device is doubtful at best.


The UL4 cards work like a dream!



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