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OSX and Error 206 with HP devices

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Hi there


It seems that my problem is not so unique - maybe someone can poitn me in the proper direction:



Retrospect Backup

Version 6.0.204

Device Access Version 1.0.106

Driver Update Version 5.9.104

OS Mac OS X 10.3.7

Tape HP 40x6e

SCSI Adaptec SCSI 2160

Server running linux and netatalk


We upgraded from 5.something to the latest 6.x Version due to backup our linux devices [mounted as a local HD an then firing up the immediate backup].


With the 5.x everything worked fine. Now with the latest patched 6.x we can also backup the mounted linux volume without any problem.


Problem starts with the restoring. Getting from the HP an EOD or more likely the message that our catalogue is corrupt [bad backup set header].


What I definetly can tell you is that the HP device is ok [tested with the HP diagnostics tools]


The log reads like this:

- 17.12.2004 18:02:40 Uhr: Restoring from Conin 2004…

Backup set format inconsistency (9 at 1)

File “235154_Picard_01 frei.eps” appears incomplete, path: “0129-Lesezirkel2004/05/Anzeigen Lesezirkel 11-2004/WASO S.29/Bilder/235154_Picard_01 frei.eps”.

Backup set format inconsistency (7 at 220588)



BTW: IT doesn't matter where the files come from. Even from my desktop I get that error.

Backup and Restore to an external drive works perfect [as far as I tested ist]



Guess: It's the filename or the length of the path where the file resides.



Any ideas?


Best regards



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