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Failed Restore, Stuck in Reboot Cycle


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Hi. MultiServer 6.5.350 pushing to 6.5 client.


XP Pro SP1 Client machine reported bad hard drive. Retrospect reported "Scanning incomplete, error -1123 (volume structure corrupt)". Did another backup to HD backup set, no errors. Replaced HD.


Initiated Disaster Recovery process with CD built from XP CD, completed. Rebuilt machine would not boot. It would get to the Windows XP screen (progress bar on bottom), then the monitor would resync, then I'd be restarted (IBM bios) and so on in a cycle.


Next. Built XP machine manaully, installed client, restored from HD backup set. Same recycling boot.


Next. Once more with XP SP2, Same recycling boot.


I put the bad drive in, and it will boot, but it's very slow, tripping up on its bad drive.


Any thoughts? Has anyone seen this recycling boot symptom? Am I recovering a bad version of Windows? Thanks for any help.

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