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Replace Entire Disk vs Replace Cooresponding Files


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I'm frustrated that Replace Cooresponding Files does not recognize new folders or files in the designated source volumes.


Do I have to use Replace Entire Disk to ensure that all files/folders (old & new) in a source volume are backed up when using a script?


It seems like there should be a mode that ids new files and folders from a source, but does not have to take the time to unnesscessarily backup unchanged files.


Is there another product that solves this problem?

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Both Replace corresponding and replace entire will update only new and changed files from the source volume over to the destination volume. It does not waste time copying files that already exist on the destination.


If you watch closely you will see that Retrospect scans both the source and destination before running the duplicate operation. After this scan it sorts out what files need to be copied.


In other words Retrospect works exactly the way you want it to.




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