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Backing up to network shared drive using Retrospect


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Greetings. Recently I've purchased a Maxtor external hard drive and attached it to my PC. I have about 6 PCs networked together in one workgroup. What I would like to do is set up a script in Retrospect Express to backup to this external hard drive from each of my networked PCs. What I did was installed Retrospect on all the PCs, shared out the external hard drive over my network and then when prompted for the location of where to send my backup catalog, I selected that shared out drive. The catalog gets created on the network drive and everything looks okay. But upon testing, the backup script fails saying it can't find the destination catalog (located on the network shared external drive). Am I asking it to do something it's not capable of? Or is there something I'm doing wrong? I'm thinking I should map the external shared drive as a network drive and copy to that from each PC. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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