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Fedora 2 client found with 'Test', but can't be added to desktop client database


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I am a new Retrospect user.


My OS X 10.3.2 (iMac) Retrospect desktop v6.0.193 license includes 2 clients, one of which, a Mac G4 laptop, is in use.


Earlier today I successfully installed a Retrospect client (v6.5.108) on a Fedora Core 2 linux system, static IP, located on the same subnet as the Retrospect desktop, and successfully tested it in the Backup Clients on Network window. The network mask is


While 'Test' works, yet I am unable to add the linux client to the Backup Clients database. The Backup Clients default multicast method does not display this client and selecting 'Add by Address...' warns me that I require a more powerful license code.


If I understand the Advanced Networking section in the v6 User's Guide, it appears that I have to purchase the Retrospect workgroup if I want to use the access methods described in that section and if I want to map this linux system to the client database.


Have I missed something here or do I need to consider moving to Retrospect workgroup to solve this issue?


Thanks very much for your interest and your suggestions.

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