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I am really surprise that we can't back-up a mobile computer.

In fact, we can but we have to take off all parameters that are making a mobile computer like power saving options.

At first I was surprise to see that I was able to connect to the mobile computer with the MMC to restart the retrospect client service and get the backup working. If MMC is able to connect to the computer why retrospect can't ?

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After a verification on the mobile computer, I saw that I already desactivate all the power option except those when you are on battery. Theses computers are always light on with power cord, that means my retrospect error came from elsewhere. but ... where ...

On one of those computer we have a web page with a refresh and in the morning this page is still refreshing meaning that the power won't goes off and that we do not have any tcp/ip problem.

The error gives by retrospect is -530.

What can I do ??

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Oki ... The best solution is to change of backup solution I think.

No answer after 2 month describe the technical service.


In fact, I think that a good software doesn't need support ... It just work.

That's not the case with retrospect.... I am unable to backup more than one day if I do not logon on the server ... I am unable to backup mobile computers ...

It's not a backup solution in fact.

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This is the product suggestions section of the forum. Your question is more likely to get answered if you post it to the correct forum.




A machine must be fully awake/powered to be seen by Retrospect. Retrospect cannot wake up sleeping computers.





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