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Exchange 2007 and Error Code -3405

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I have run updates on Retrospect (Version 7.7) and am trying to use it to backup a Exchange 2007 system.


The backup proceeds and backs up the storage groups and backs up the first inbox on the Exchange server then the other 25 email inboxes return the following error:



- 7/21/2010 1:55:12 AM: Copying User on Server1

Scanning incomplete, error -3405 ( unknown)


I have already tried removing the Exchange license and adding it back.


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Thank you I have it pretty much all solved.


My last question is about the RBU. This seems to be a newer suggestion as we have been running Retrospect using the built in Administrator user for a few years now.


What the benefits are to creating a Retrospect Backup User account and using it as opposed to the Administrator account?

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Just trying to follow up. I went through the KB article and implemented the suggested changes. I am curious though as why running Retrospect under the RBU as opposed to the builtin Administrator is better and solved the problem?


What are the differences? I need to know that way I can properly make the decision to implement for my other clients running Retrospect. Currently they are running as Administrator and I havent had any problems.


Thanks again for the assistance.


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