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Client Visibility - Suggestion


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My most recent post was about losing connectivity to a client, and my

solution. Reading the other recent posts here I see sevaral people having

similar problems.


One interresting facet of my problem was that when in discovery mode

Retrospect was sending UDP packets over one interface (the 'real' ethernet

card) using the source address of a different interface (the SonicWall virtual

VPN adapter). This happened when there was a pre-existing client defined

i.e. Retrospect had a valid client IP address, so the destination was correct,

but the source address on the discovery packets was wrong. This was causing

the client response packets to be ignored by the machine running Retrospect.


After deleting the client definition and relying only on Piton discovery, Retrospect

was sending discovery packets only on the first interface, which was the wrong



Is it possible 6.5 has a bug in client discovery with multiple adapters? From the

symptoms, this bug would have two parts:


a) Piton discovery is happening only on the first adapter. Since most machines

are likely to have mutilple virtual adapters (ethernet, dialup, VPN) even if

there is only one real network, this might be a serious problem.


B) If you have a defined client and for some reason your adapter bindings

get shuffled (define new dialup connection, add VPN software, etc), then

Piton discovery packets may go out on the right interface but with the

wrong source IP, or on the wrong interface.


Sounds like Retrospect needs an option to unambiguously choose which interfaces

to scan for clients. If support for multiple interfaces is considered an advanced

option (i.e. more $$) then us basic users at least need a way to pick one interface

without relying on the Windows binding order, and then have Retrospect use that

interface with the correct source IP.



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In the 6.5.350 version of MultiServer I am using, I can do the following


From Clients page, click "Add...". Now click "Advanced".


On left side, there is "Interface" drop down. From that, select "Configure Interfaces"


Create new interface, and a dialog box pops up exactly letting me select which one of my multiple TCP/IP interfaces I have. From there, an "Advanced" page lets me have even more control of things like timeouts, TTL, etc.


I think this is exactly what you want.

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