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-505 reboot doesn't help


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Server: OS 9 Retro 5.0.235 (whatever latest 5.0 version)

Clients: OS X and Windows Client (running latst 6.0 client software).

Problems lies with Windows client getting -505 and other errors. No problems with OS X computers.


Backup has been going fine for months. Friday it backed up with the backup server. Over the weekend the machine was off so it didn't backup. The Backup SErver gave a -1028 not found error. No biggie. I loaded up the windows PC this morning and it asked to backup. Then I noticed it was asking every hour so I checked the backup server.


The backup server was giving -505 errors for the client. Initially I couldn't go to the network configuration to "configure" the client, it gave me -519 and -1028 errors. I rebooted the server, no help. I rebooted the client, no help. I upgraded the client to version 6.5, could connect but not see any volumes, in fact connection is intermittant. I replaced the network cable with new one. I uninstalled and downgraded to the 6.0x client. I could connect then. (with each connect it was an attempt to "forget" and reconfigure)


When I got to the point where I could see the client again, I started the backup and got the -505 again! Rebooted both, no help. then I watched the progression, here is was:


Server connects shows prompt on windows box.

Windows box shows prompt, I either click backup or let the timer run down.

Windows control panel shows "Client networking not available, or Service not running" for a second

during that time the backup server prints the -505 message.

Windows client goes back to ready status.

On next attempt Server gives either -519 or -1028 unless I go into "configure->clients" and work with the client to re-establish connection then it goes into the -505 again.


Again, rebooting doesn't help! Anyone have any ideas? This just started happening. This has been working fine for months before this.

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Windows control panel shows "Client networking not available, or Service not running" for a second during that time the backup server prints the -505 message.



I think the key here is the "Client networking not available, or Service not running." The client is recieving information from the OS that TCP/IP is not functioning properly on some level.


Stay with the 6.0 client - 6.5 came out more then a year after 5.0.x and is not compatible.


Try updating/reinstalling the NIC drivers and the TCP/IP protocols, try another NIC if you have one handy and swap out the cable. TCP/IP may be functioning correctly for other operations on the server, but Retrospect is known to stress the hardware more then other utilities and functions, and bring out exisiting problems (which are being reported by, but not caused by, Retrospect).

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I did swap out the cable but man, I don't want to have to do a whole TCP/IP install it's not the simplest thing, I might as well just blow away the drive and re-install the whole system. I used to have a spare nic but not anymore.


All other functions on this machine including tough stuff like terminal services work fine. Just my luck something like this would happen. I think this machine will have to just remain without a backup.

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