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  1. I have a backup that does a full on Friday and then changed files the rest of the week. Last Friday on the old backup server we did a full backup and had changed files up until today. I then used the knowledgebase article to move the settings to a new server including the drives, the catalogs and all the retrospect settings. The backup started tonight and it doesn't seem to recognize the files that are already in the catalog so it's starting over and backing up everything from the beginning. Except, the drives are still full from the previous backups so there won't be enough room on the disks to back everything up again. Should I just stop the backup and do a recycle backup?
  2. tomnibus

    error -541 when sending emails

    we noticed this as well, We had an IP address instead of the server name and we weren't getting any e-mail notifications either. This happened to coincide with us changing mail servers as well (moved the IP from old to new mail server) so we thought it had something to do with that. Interestingly enough, if you put the DNS name of the mail server in, it sends just fine without the need for the port # after the address. What was the other post you found the solution in?
  3. I had a user do a bad synchronization with their phone and now their calendar is blank. I need to restore their calendar from Retrospect. When I go to do that, I choose the source and destination as the user and then checked the "Calendar" folder. However, it says it will restore the data to a "new folder" and when I did it anyway, sure enough, now there is a folder called "CMA Backup" and under that is the Calendar folder. She now has two calendars in outlook and the second restored one is a bastard child that won't work. So.... How do I get Retrospect to restore over top of the calendar, or alternatively, how do I copy and overwrite outside of retrospect the calendar folder?
  4. I have this same problem although it's not all my mailboxes just a few of them. (15 - 20 or so out of 150). I tried backing up individually and through the container. I have also tried to backing up to another location like a file on the C drive. This problem started after refreshing the user list using "Login as..." in the volumes window.
  5. tomnibus

    Error 1010 backing up all mailboxes

    Did this ever work itself out? I am having this problem on some of my users, not all. The users it's having trouble with never change but it's not all my 150 mailboxes.
  6. I started getting some major amount of errors over the weekend this weekend. It will start copying someone's Exchange mailbox and I get the above error. (Trouble Reading Files, error -1010 (API request bad)) I searched the EMC Knowledgebase and it talks only about this being a drive backup problem. However, this error only happens on a handful of our users and I tried using another backup destination and that also failed (I used the local c drive). Could it be that the backup source is bad? We did have two power outages last week which could have corrupted the drives but other than that i don't know. We had four good backups after the power outages so I wouldn't think that could be it. The only other thing that happened is that I refreshed the listing of E-mails under the "Volumes" section to gather in the new employees that had started in the last week (I can't seem to get this to update automatically. Incidentally, it doesn't remove deleted accounts either.) Any help on this would be great, anyone else getting this problem?
  7. Our backups take so long because the darn catalog says "closing..." betwen each volume. isn't there a way to keep the catalog open for the whole backup? We've got 150 items to backup due to the exchange server users and it takes hours because of the closing and opening going on. It can't be good for it either.
  8. Well, I didn't really find the problem but I rebooted the server and everything worked after that.
  9. I see this error: 18210: BackupVirtualDeviceSet::Initialize: Open failure on backup device 'dantz_retrospect_vd_re7'. Operating system error 0x80070002 (The system cannot find the file specified). So it seems the server can't find the file, however, I can not only see the physical mdf file, but I can be in enterprise manager and see the databases are attached.
  10. I'm getting the above error when backing up my SQL databases. I can connect to the server and copy the files from the file structure. But if I do an SQL server connection to backup the database it fails. I can go to the "Volumes" configuration screen and connect to the database to refresh the list, I'm not having any problem with that. I don't know why this is happening. I also want to add that it's been working just fine for months. It stopped two days ago. The only thing I did two days ago is detach a database which wasn't even getting backed up, it was a test db. Everything else has remained the same. Any suggestions?
  11. tomnibus

    Another Error -557 Error

    Turns out, when I went to physically look at the computer, it was in the middle of a restart. I.e. it was going to be restarted but the restart failed because it was waiting for a process to get killed that wouldn't die. After doing that, the server rebooted and now Retrospect will connect.
  12. This just started last night. I have a critical server that needs to be backed up and Retrospect is returning this error. The server hasn't changed except that I upgrade Symantec Antivirus 10.1 on it and promoted it to the primary server. That is the only change. Now, I also upgraded Antirvirus on the other servers but those are working just fine. I have stopped and started the Retrospect client (latest) and I upgraded Retrospect to the latest version on my server (7.5.xx) but I am still having the problem. I have yet to reboot the server that's failing. The error happens not only when I attempt to backup, but when I'm in the "Volumes" window trying to configure it and/or browse it. I can't do a restore either. Any information would be great!
  13. tomnibus

    Won't launch in Terminal Services...

    I'm pretty sure if you either option-click or command-click rdc on the Mac it will connect to the console. Otherwise, if you're using an .RDP file at the bottom I believe you can put console=1 if you edit it with a text editor and it will connect to the console. Alternatively, if you're using an intel mac, you can install rdesktop for linux and use X11 to connect to your machines, it's much faster. The -0 command-line option for rdesktop forces a console connect.
  14. tomnibus

    Mailboxes / Public Folders

    Well, just in case anyone needed an answer to this. I found out today the public folders ARE being backed up when connecting to "Exchange Mailboxes"
  15. I'm trying to figure out how to do this.... Under our Exchange Server Agent we have three options, two of which are important for this post. There is the "First Storage Group" and the "Exchange Mailboxes" The First Storage group contains all the mailboxes as well as the public folders. It is important for us to backup the public folders. Then there is the exchange Mailboxes that connects into each mailbox and backs up the individual e-mails. If I backup First Storage Group, I only have the option to backup all mailboxes and public folders, not just public folders. I have several questions. What's the difference between backing up the First Storage Group and the individual mailboxes? When restoring the FSG, do I have to restore it all? Can I restore an individual mailbox? And if so, does it have to be the entire mailbox? When the FSG is backed up, if a mailbox changes, does the entire mailbox have to be backed up again? i.e. a 500MB mailbox gets one e-mail, the entire 500MB is backed up again whereas when backing up the individual mailboxes it only backs up the changed e-mails in that box. I need to backup the public folders. But I don't have enough room in my backup set to backup 40GB every night and that's what it would be because 99% of the users' boxes change everyday. What do I do?