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Server locking out users during backup

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We've been running Retrospect Server edition 5.1 on a B&W G3 successfully for some time. We just got an Xserve recently running 10.3.1 and added it to the backups. I installed the latest client and set up a script to only backup the share that has user data. This is a seperate partition from the volume with the operating system.


Now, whenever the backup is running we can't access the server or any accounts. If I try to view or create any accounts using Workgroup Manager while the backup is running it will NOT show the shared accounts. Only the local account is visible. I've even had an instance where I've had to restart the server to get my accounts to be seen on the network again.


Why is Retrospect locking us out of the server while it backs up? I don't see anything in the manual or online about this being an issue. I see where you can have the volume mounted and back it up but then you lose permissions and that's not an option.


Anyone have any hints or suggestions? This is the first time I've backed up a server with Retrospect. Always done workstations before.



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