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  1. Ok, I wasn't able to telnet to the Vista machine which told me it HAD to be some kind of firewall. Looking around the machine the user has the Cisco VPN client installed and the firewall for that was turned on. So, even though the VPN client wasn't running the firewall was. Turning off that firewall and leaving the Windows firewall running lets Retrospect work again. Many thanks for all the help!
  2. The Mac server is running 10.4.11. All of the other clients (Mac OS 10.4 and 10.5, Linux and Windows XP) can connect without a problem. Firewall is what I thought but turning off the firewall doesn't solve the problem. I made sure the UDP and TCP 497 ports were open and added the IP address of my backup server to exceptions list as well. Uninstalled and reinstalled the client several times and rebooted both the client and the server. Still no joy.
  3. We got our first Vista desktop in the other day and I can't seem to get our Mac server to see the client. Both the server and the Vista client are running the latest version of each software. I've added the Retrospect client to the Windows Firewall as well as opened both the UDP and TCP port 497 in the Windows Firewall. All I get is that the client can't be found, either by browsing or using an IP address. I even tried turning off the firewall but still the same thing. I'm wondering if a Vista client works with a Macintosh server. I've seen several things about Vista clients not working with this setup but I can't find anything that says they now do or even that they absolutely don't. Can anyone give me a definitive answer on if this setup works? And if so any ideas on why this client is the only Windows/Mac/Linux client on my network that doesn't work? Many thanks!
  4. We're using Retrospect Desktop 6.0. on a 10.3.9 system backing up two Macs. We back up to CD's using two different backup sets. Yesterday, for no apparent reason Retrospect suddenly said it wanted to backup to the first disk of the set. I tried telling it to back up to the other set until I figured out the problem but it says it wants to back up to the first disc of that set as well. Both sets are in the 30's in discs. I tried Repair > update existing catalog file and it asked for the correct discs and verified everything was good for both sets. I tried taking the sets out of the backup script, saving it and then re-entering them. Again, it wants disc 1 of the set. I even tried re-booting the entire machine just in case. No luck. I'd rather not start a whole new backup set right now. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening and what I can do about it? Thanks!
  5. My experiences say that the issue lies with the server, not the client. I installed the server product first and immediately all the clients were inaccessible. None of them had been upgraded to the new client yet. Did the upgrade using the server method and all updated fine but they still had the same problem. Also, all of the clients were accesible from the old server software with both versions of the client. I did have a very weird fix happen with this today. Installed everything as described above yesterday. I had two clients I couldn't do an uninstall/reinstall on. Both failed on the backup last night. Suddenly this morning when I ran a manual backup both clients are working correctly. Now why would it take 12 - 16 hours of sitting to suddenly allow those clients to connect with no additional work on my part?
  6. We tried all of the above tests on several 10.4.2 clients and the only thing that worked was uninstall/reinstall.
  7. We're seeing the same problem here as everyone else. Our 6.1 server can see all the updated clients and using the "Test" button we can connect to them. But, when you try to run a backup job you just get "net retry" dialogs. I don't have this problem with my Linux or Windows machines, just the Macs, which are all running 10.4.2. Opening 6.0.212 on the same machine allows everything to be configured and backups run without a problem. Sounds like a big bug.
  8. My selector says: Always exclude: Name of folder contains .Spotlight-V100 selecting all enclosed items I then added this selector to the Always exclude section of the script in question. Could this be like adding two negative numbers -- the selector says always exclude and it's added under always exclude so they cancel each other out? I'll roll the machine back to the latest version that isn't Tiger specific.
  9. I've been having a lot of trouble backing up my Tiger machines. I'm constantly getting error messages related to Spotlight from the clients. Everything seems to backup just fine until it gets to the Spotlight files at the end of the backup. It hangs for a bit and then the backup quits with literally hundreds of error messages about bad backup sectors, etc. I'm not having this problem with any of my Windows, Linux or Panther clients. I read the article on creating a selector to exclude the Spotlight files. I'm sure I've done it exactly as it states. However, whenever I have this selector enabled the backup only backs up 6 files! It also doesn't generate any errors. Disable it and it backs up everything it should and gives me the same error messages. I'm running Retrospect 6.212 on a 10.2.8 machine and all the Tiger clients have the 110 client. I'm sure I've got this selector set up right. Anyone have any ideas why this rule seems to be working backwards?
  10. I was able to solve the problem by creating a RetroClient folder in the /Library/StartupItems folder and putting the RetroClient.bin and StartupParameters.plist files inside that folder. I got those files from a desktop machine running the same version of OS X. At the command line I recreated the same permissions for the RetroClient folder and the enclosing files and then restarted the machines. Both times the client was running after restart. Both laptops already had StartupItem folders and had other things in them that worked just fine. Uninstalling and re-installing the Retrospect client failed to have these items created. It only worked if I moved them manually. Very weird.
  11. Dave, Thanks for the pointer. The entire RetroClient folder does not exist on either laptop. We've tried uninstalling - rebooting - re-installing on both machines and it will not appear in any of them. All of the desktops have it however. We're going to try and manually create the folder on a machine and move the script from a desktop to a laptop and see what happens.
  12. We are having a problem with two laptops running OS X. Both are running 10.3.6 and both are Powerbooks about two years old. We are running a Backup server so whenever they hit the network they get backed up. All of this works just fine until one of them has to be rebooted. After the reboot the Retrospect client is always turned off and has to be manually re-enabled. This is happening with both laptops even after client updates and reinstalls and even through an OS re-install. It's been happening consistently ever since we moved up to Retrospect 6.0. I also back up lots of OS X desktops, OS X servers, Linux machines and Windows 2000/XP desktops. We don't have this problem with any other system, just these laptops. We have one XP laptop being backed up with the same Backup server setup and it works just fine after a reboot. Does anyone have any light to shed on this subject? Or, is there a way I can script having the Retrospect client start up after a reboot on these machines?
  13. We have two machines running Retrospect 5.1. Both are OS 9 machines. They are connected to each other via a 10/100 switch and that switch is connected to a DSL line. Both machines have gigabit Ethernet cards. One machine is running the server and backs up both machines to a CD-R. When the DSL modem is not attached to the switch the remote machine backs up very quickly. However, once TCP/IP is loaded and they both get an IP address from the DSL modem then the remote machine backs up very slowly (we're talking 7 hours to back up 100 MB of data) and usually times out before it finishes its backup. Is there any way in Retrospect to force it to just talk locally through the switch instead of trying to backup via the their IP's, which forces everything through the DSL line at 512K instead of 100 Mb? Currently we have to unplug the modem from the switch and reboot both machines before we go home in order to have a successful backup. Just for background information this was also happening with a 10 Mb Ethernet hub. We moved up to the switch in hopes of isolating the DSL line from the backup but no joy. Tim
  14. Running Retrospect 6.0 Server on a Mac. I have a Linux server that has several large (read 100+ GB) areas that I don't want to back up. However one of the areas I do want to back up has a symbolic link to one of these large areas. I want to write a rule that will tell Retrospect to ignore this link however I've not had any success. I've tried "Enclosing folder", "File" and "Folder" as ways of identifying the link but it still follows it. Anyone have success ignoring hard or symbolic links?
  15. We've noticed the exact same behavior on our RAID-5 discs. It fills the tape up before it reaches even the native capacity.
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