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Move from Redhat

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Hi Alll

With Redhat discontinuing their free Linux distributions we are looking to change our OS. However, one of the issues is all our Linux systems are backed-up using Retrospect. With that in mind I am looking for something that will still allow me to still use Retrospect. I see that Debian is "supported", however, are there any other versions of linux that will work as well (i.e FreeBSD, slackware, etc) and any issues that could jump up and bite me.


Just looking for info, before we jump to something else.






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I see that Debian is "supported"



Remember that no stable version of Debian is supported or "supported". Who knows why Dantz won't do a recompile on the stable version of Debian? It makes no sense to me.


It would be greatly helpful if they would release the source to the Linux client so we can make it run wherever we need.

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