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How do I move Retrospect "sync data" to a new computer?

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I use Retrospect 6 on a Mac to make full backups of my hard drives using the Duplicate function. Now I want to move to a new Mac. What files do I need to move as well to keep Retrospect's "knowledge" of my various internal and external drives.


In the past when I have moved Retrospect to a new computer, I would have to start all my duplicates again from scratch (instead of continuing with copying only the new data since the last duplicate), which is inconvenient because I have around 15 hard drives totaling over 20TB. So making full backups takes over a week...

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The information on your source volumes, scripts, etc. is contained in the file Retro.Config (6.0), located at /Library/Preferences/Retrospect.


Unless you are swapping all your old hard drive volumes to the new computer, be aware that Retrospect will recognize that the new ones are different volumes, even if you've named them the same as the old. This may cause more files to be duplicated initially than you expect.


A final word: a "duplicate," while useful, is not a "backup." A backup offers you a version history (unless you perform a recycle backup each time), and allows the backup to be compared with the original. The downside, of course, is that a backup set is not Finder-readable; you need Retrospect to perform a restore.

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