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  1. I use Retrospect 6 on a Mac to make full backups of my hard drives using the Duplicate function. Now I want to move to a new Mac. What files do I need to move as well to keep Retrospect's "knowledge" of my various internal and external drives. In the past when I have moved Retrospect to a new computer, I would have to start all my duplicates again from scratch (instead of continuing with copying only the new data since the last duplicate), which is inconvenient because I have around 15 hard drives totaling over 20TB. So making full backups takes over a week...
  2. Hi, I'm sorry to hear that. I had hoped I would not have to copy all 3TB again... :-) I am running 6.1.230 on 10.6.4. It seems to work fine. But if you say it's not supported, can I not trust the backups that are produced then?
  3. After I duplicate a disk, Retrospect does a full verification of all the copied data. If a cancel that verification, can I start it again later? If I do a full duplicate and cancel the verification, next time I do a duplicate, Retrospect will only verify the newly copied files. Also, is there a way for Retrospect to check for file integrity? I've noticed that if a sector of a hard drive gets damaged, and this results in a read error of a file, this will go unnoticed by Retrospect in a normal duplicate situation if the file already exists on both drives.
  4. I have a 3TB external backup disk that I have moved from Mac 1 to Mac 2. The content is almost identical on both Macs and the backup disk, but if I start a new duplicate from the 2nd Mac to the backup disk (the backup disk was previously duplicated from Mac 1), Retrospect will first delete all the files on the drive and then copy them over again. As this will take a couple of days, and about 95% of the files are already on the backup drive, how can I get Retrospect to see them and leave them, and just copy o er the new stuff? Other backups software I have used in the past have been able to set different criteria such as file name only, name and date only etc. I can't find how to do that with Retrospect. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'm using Retrospect 6.1 on 10.6.4.
  5. I've had a RAID 0 volume that failed. Now I've used Retrospect 6 to do a complete duplicate of a backup to a new drive. However, after the duplicate was done, I got 34000 execution errors. Mainly root/_unknown and _unknown/_unknown. What does this mean? It seems as if all the files are there, and they do seem to play OK (Apple lossless files). I'm just worried that I can not trust the integrity of my backup. How can I be sure that all the data is there, and why did I get these execution errors even though the files seems to have been copied OK? Thanks.
  6. I'm running Retrospect 6 on 10.5.7. I'm using Retrospect to duplicate hard drives for backup purposes. I am now wondering if I can ask Retrospect to verify the data integrity of an already duplicated drive. I have a RAID volume with some potential problems, and I get kernel panics when I try to do a full fresh duplicate to a new drive. However, I have two other duplicate backups that have been duplicated successfully in the past. They pass OK if I do a duplicate with Retrospect, but since I haven't changed any data, nothing is copied or verified. And I don't think Retrospect is verifying the old data. What can I do to verify that the data on my duplicated backup drives are intact? Does Retrospect 8 offer any advantages in this area?
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