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can't get sql client to connect


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We have a sql license for our MultiServer 7.7.325. Whenever I try to include a sql server on one of our servers which we are backing up Retrospect does not complain, and seems to have added the sql server, but it does not ask for login info to it, nor does it back it up.


When I look at the volumes on the server the sql server indicates that it is not licensed, and in the list of licenses, the license for sql indicates that 0 of 1 licenses are used.


How can I get Retrospect to actually use the license and backup the sql database?

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You need to go to Configure Volumes and you can right click no the SQL Database container and select licensing. It will ask if you want to apply your available license and then will ask if you want to authenticate with the SA account or a Domain account. After that you should be able to add the SQL Server container or the individual databases to your script.

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