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Retro 6.1 Mac +Tandberg problem

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We've been using Retro Mac 6.1 latest build on a Mac Pro with X.4.11, to backup to a Tandberg LTO3 drive (forget the actual model, I will check when I get the chance) connected to an Atto UL5D card, and it's been working fine. However I wanted to change to a faster (but not newer) Mac Pro and also upgrade the OS, so I cloned the startup volume to a new drive, then transferred it and the SCSI card to the new Mac, and upgraded the system to X.5.8. Generally, the Mac is working fine, but Retrospect is not now seeing the LTO drive. I tried updating the firmware and driver for the SCSI card but it made no difference. I noticed that on first boot with the card and LTO drive connected, the Mac restarted by itself, and it seems to be making more queries to the LTO drive on startup than it did with X.4.11. Wondering if anyone can suggest anything? Is updating the firmware on the LTO drive likely to make any difference? Are there configuration files from the previous system that might be causing it? Or does Retrospect have issues running on X.5 maybe?


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Retrospect is not now seeing the LTO drive.

Can you see the Atto card and the tape drive in Apple System Profiler? Can you see the tape drive using the Atto Configuration Tool? If not, Retrospect will never be able to see it either.


Do both your old and new computers have the same type of PCI bus? Did you update the system software before you tested things?


One thing to consider is that you may have damaged the SCSI cable during the swap. In particular, those LVD SCSI plugs have many fine pins and it's not too difficult to accidentally bend one when connecting the cable. (Been there; done that.) A bent pin can usually be gently straightened back to where it ought to be using tweezers.

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