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  1. But that, as you say, is approximate, and is based on a guess of how much the media will store. All I'm after is a simple indication that the media filled up during the last backup and a new one is required.
  2. It would give that message if the media on the last backup had become full and no new media had been started since. So you could see at a glance if new media was needed for the next backup, something which as I say I cannot find in 10.
  3. We're using Retrospect 10.5 after using 6 for many years, and one thing 6 had in Configure > Backup was that it would tell you if new media was required. I cannot find this in 10.5. How do you tell if a backup needs new media next time?
  4. Thanks. I forgot to uninstall Retrospect 6 before upgrading the OS. Will I have problems with it trying to run scheduled backups and if so how do I remove it manually?
  5. We've finally had to move up to Retrospect 10 from version 6 Mac, and I understand that to access version 6 backups you have to rebuild the catalogs in 10. Once that is done, can they be added to, or are they read-only? thanks
  6. I've had a look at Retrospect 10 for Mac and it seems it no longer supports Mac OS 9 clients. Is that correct?
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I tried connecting the drive with the same card and cable to a Mac Pro with a fresh install of X.5.8 and Retrospect, and it was working, so I guess something must have got messed up during the OS upgrade. Sigh...
  8. We've been using Retro Mac 6.1 latest build on a Mac Pro with X.4.11, to backup to a Tandberg LTO3 drive (forget the actual model, I will check when I get the chance) connected to an Atto UL5D card, and it's been working fine. However I wanted to change to a faster (but not newer) Mac Pro and also upgrade the OS, so I cloned the startup volume to a new drive, then transferred it and the SCSI card to the new Mac, and upgraded the system to X.5.8. Generally, the Mac is working fine, but Retrospect is not now seeing the LTO drive. I tried updating the firmware and driver for the SCSI card but it made no difference. I noticed that on first boot with the card and LTO drive connected, the Mac restarted by itself, and it seems to be making more queries to the LTO drive on startup than it did with X.4.11. Wondering if anyone can suggest anything? Is updating the firmware on the LTO drive likely to make any difference? Are there configuration files from the previous system that might be causing it? Or does Retrospect have issues running on X.5 maybe? thanks
  9. Well there are other Dell drives listed but not that one, so I'm assuming it's not supported.
  10. Right, thanks. So Dell don't make the actual drives?
  11. Can anyone tell me if Retrospect for Mac (preferably 6) supports the Dell LTO-3-060 tape drive? thanks
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