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1 out of 3 backup sets consistently runs out of free space!

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We are using Retrospect Server edition, and have 3 external USB backup drives that are rotated out manually each week. We have one backup script that is set to write to each USB drive once every three weeks. That's the backstory.


Backup1 and Backup2 work fine, but we're having an annoying problem with Backup3.


Basically, even though Backup3 has plenty of extra space (94Gb), it say it is out of space and needs a new disk (in this case for only an additional 3.1Gb). Retrospect stops backing up at this point, waiting for manual intervention. It won't allow a new Retrospect folder at the H: drive level (as there is already a backup set there), but will accept the 2-Backup3 at the level of H:\Retrospect. When this folder is selected it creates the 2-Backup3 folder and completes the backup. However, the need for manual intervention often means that the recycle backup does not complete within work hours, as the server is usually unattended, and the dialogue requesting intervention is often unnoticed until one would have expected the entire backup to be complete (and it is not).


But why would this only affect the last set and not the other two that are working fine?


I have screenshots of the error messages too if you think that would be helpful.


Thank you,


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