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Restrospect upgrade from 7.6.123 to 7.7.208

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Hello All,


we aer using Retrospect 7.6.123 on Windows server with add ons :

Open File backup

Exchange Backup

User initiated Restore.


We need to upgrade it to 7.7.208 version keeping intact the same settings i.e. scripts and schedules as we were using in 7.6.123.

What all we have to do in oder to ensure that.

Also can we use the same add ons code in 7.7.208 as we were using in 7.6.123 version and do we only need to get the new application code using existing application license code?


Thanks and Regards,


Randeep Singh

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Dear Sir,


Thanks for quick response.


Can you please let me know what are the bugs presently in 7.7.208 version because i have not used it till now.


Also i am facing lots of problems like application gets crashed giving an assertion error.


Thanks and Regards,


Randeep Singh



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Although EMC do employees post here, this is basically a user-to-user forum. We have no idea about which bugs there are, but you could spend hours reading the posts in the forum to find out. Note that users will blame Retrospect for OS errors and hardware errors, too.


Yes, we (too) have been asking for a list of bugs...

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