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Catalog file location... best practice


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Actually, to me, the best practice is to keep a copy of the catalog on a different physical device.


Keeping the catalog itself on a different physical device only affects performance (improves performance because of overlapped seeks/reads/writes with the media set) and gives greater flexibility (because the media set can be taken offsite but the catalog can still be available for searching / browsing). Nether helps nor hurts reliability.


If the physical drive on which you have your media set goes bad, it really doesn't matter whether you have the catalog or not.


Having a copy of the catalog can help if the original becomes damaged - it saves the hours of reconstructing the catalog from the media set.



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That's probably a wise idea. I've rebuilt catalogs recently on *very large* media sets -- and it needed about 80G of space for which to rebuild the catalog file.


Smaller media sets it's not so much of an issue.



That's one of my feature requests -- when you rebuild a catalog file -- even if the catalog file is set to be *compressed* -- the rebuild will be *uncompressed* until the rebuild is done -- at which point it then compresses the catalog file -- and it needs even *more* space for which to do this...



As an example, just last night I rebuilt a catalog for one of my 860G media sets (over 4.5 million files)


When the rebuild was done, the catalog file took about 65G -- but then to get the *compressed* catalog, it expanded to the size of what would be the final "compressed" size -- an additional 14G.


Before settling on the final compressed 14G version.



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