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  1. Thanks for the responses... I like the idea of speeding things up so I would be curious if marking each user's Desktop and Documents folder as a favorite would be any faster than searching the User folder and backing up only those two folders. Thoughts?
  2. Thanks for the reply but the clients have multiple users who use each Mac. Is my only option to add each users Desktop and Documents folders as a Favorite?
  3. I would like to create a backup rule that only backs up each user's Desktop and Documents folder while excluding ALL music and video files. What is the best way to accomplish this? Thanks!
  4. macpro, I have seen all sorts of scheduling oddities that I have had to either live with or work around. I have talked to EMC support and they have told me that the scheduling bugs are well known and will be fixed in the next release. They did not say when that release was coming so I guess we'll just have to wait until then to see if they did in fact address these annoying issues with the scheduling.
  5. I couldn't find where to set a schedule for proactive backups so I have changed mine to standard. You're right, the impact is negligible for my internal clients on our gigabit ethernet but I have recently agreed to backing up a handful of satellite offices where our connection is only 10 megabit. It's gigabit inside their office but the copper between the two of us is 10 megabit. So, when backups are running for these folks it does impact them.
  6. Thanks Russ... I tried the link yesterday and this morning with no luck. No it works! Maybe someone saw my post and fixed the link. :confused:
  7. So I'd like to watch the Training Videos referenced above but the link seems broken. Anyone have a link that works? Thanks
  8. Thanks Maser, I experimented with the proactive backup script with my laptop and found it to be confusing as to when it decided to run. I scheduled it to run on M,W,F but it seemed to run hours after I came in and connected to the network. These backups need to run over night and on weekends since I don't want to impact production during the day. Is there a way to have proactive only run during specific "windows" of time? Thanks
  9. I have a backup that involves 52 Macs. The backup is scheduled to run daily between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. The question I have is will the backup pick up where it left off or will it start from the beginning? It would be nice if it picked up where it left off so it could at least make a complete backup of all sources before it started over with incremental files. Thanks
  10. I mentioned this the other day but it continues to be frustrating. I have a script that includes 3 schedules. 1) M, T, W, R start time 5:00 p.m. and end time 9:00 a.m. 2) F start time at 5:00 p.m. and run until "when done" 3) F start time at 5:00 p.m. (Recycle every 2 months) The problem I have is that the end time for schedule 1 doesn't stick and reverts to "when done". I change it back to 9:00 a.m. and then schedule 2 changes to end time of 12:00 a.m. This seems to go on at random and just when I think I have it set it changes. Anyone else having these issues. Should I instead use three different scripts? Thanks
  11. Thanks Russ... I think I've settled on a configuration that includes the internal HD of my Intel Mac running the engine and console, an external HD where I store the backups and finally a third HD where I store the catalog files.
  12. Sounds good... My main backup is right at 3.6TB and the catalog file is 77GB!
  13. Fortunately it wasn't in the middle of a backup but not good nevertheless!
  14. Is it okay to locate the catalog files on an external HD instead of the internal HD of the OS drive where the engine and console are installed? I have two external HDs one will be used for backups and the other I'd like to use for catalog files. Thoughts?
  15. Thanks Robin, ran a disk check and sure enough. The disk had problems. I'm reformatting the drive. I'll just do a "recycle" media and get things caught up. One question, do you have an opinion on where to store the catalog files? Is it best practice to store them on the same HD as the OS running the backup engine or is it okay to store them on an external HD attached to the same Mac? Sorry to digress but I'm considering changing up my configuration. Thanks
  16. Hi Robin, I'm running on a Mac not Windows... Before this backup ran I had to get this volume back on the desktop since the overnight cleaning crew accidently hit the power button on the drive and powered it off. I shut down the Mac, powered up the drive and the volume re-appeared on my desktop. Why is it complaining about a file that doesn't even exist on this volume? Can I just tell Retrospect to re-copy the files on this volume without doing a recycle. This is a huge media set and takes days to make the initial backup. Thanks
  17. All of the sudden my backup won't run because of this error. I checked the path to the .rbd file it mentions but it doesn't even exist at this location. What's going on? Thanks !Trouble writing: "2-KNS Backup" (1476714496), error -106 ( data overwrite attempt) !Trouble writing media: "2-KNS Backup" error -106 ( data overwrite attempt) TFile::Read: read failed, /Volumes/KNS Backup 2/Retrospect/KNS Backup/2-KNS Backup/AB007368.rdb, oserr 16, error -1020 TFile::Read: read failed, /Volumes/KNS Backup 2/Retrospect/KNS Backup/2-KNS Backup/AB007368.rdb, oserr 16, error -1020 Additional error information for Disk Media Set member "2-KNS Backup", Can't write to file /Volumes/KNS Backup 2/Retrospect/KNS Backup/2-KNS Backup/AB007368.rdb, error -1023 ( already exists)
  18. I was trying to use the same script to schedule three different backups. 1) as described on Tuesday & Thursday 2) a Friday backup that starts at 6:00 pm and runs until finished and 3) a recycle every two months on Friday at 6:00 pm
  19. I ran into a problem with this... I don't want to run this backup every day. When I select only Tuesday and Thursday (start time 6:00 pm - End time 9:00 am) the backup shows the next scheduled backup will be Wednesday at 12:00 am. What I want is for the backup to start on Tuesday evening at 6:00 pm and end Wednesday morning at 9:00 am. AND THEN start Thursday evening at 6:00 pm and end Friday morning at 9:00 am. Is this possible??
  20. I have one script that I would like to have it run between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m only. My main backup can take several hours since I am backing up some computers at remote sites and our network connection isn't as fast to them. Problem I have is that the backup runs into the next day sometimes and chokes the remote users' network connection. I'd like to schedule this backup to only run between certain hours and if it's not finished it will wait until the next scheduled time and pick up where it left off. Is this possible? Thanks
  21. Well, unfortunately the .bak file didn't work either. At this point I guess I'll just have to re-create everything.
  22. Thanks Robin, I tried using one from yesterday morning and it didn't work either even though it's 499MB and the one I replaced was 712KB. The backup I used came from a disk image I made with SuperDuper. Sigh...
  23. I launched Retrospect today and for some unknown reason it asked for the activation code. I entered my code and retrospect launched but EVERYTHING is gone. All Activities, Past Backups, Scripts, Sources, Media Sets ALL GONE! What is going on? Anyone else have this happen? Is there any way to recover? I called their Technical Assistance number and a recorded message told me they were closed even though the stated hours should have meant they were open.
  24. Thanks Russ, I appreciate you putting this together. I was able to read everything except the first group of links didn't work. The other info was very helpful!
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