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Retrospect Monitor launching instead of main application


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Whenever I run Retrospect there is a good chance that instead of the main Retrospect application launching I get something called Retrospect monitor opening instead.


Restarting the computer does not fix the problem and I have to actually reinstall Retrospect in order to get the main application to open again.


I've probably reinstalled over a dozen times now and updating to 7.7 has not fixed the problem.


Can someone please tell me how to stop this from happening?



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Are you opening the app from a short cut or clicking on the executable? It is probably located here:

"C:\Program Files\Retrospect\Retrospect 7.7\Retrospect.exe"


The monitor is located at

"C:\Program Files\Retrospect\Retrospect 7.7\monitor\retromonitor.exe"


If it is not something simple like a path issue, then you could try stopping and starting the retrospect services.


I had issues with this too, but mine resolved themselves after I restarted the services and rebooted.



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I found a simple fix, worked for me.


I opened the task manager, closed all retrospect processes, made sure no retrospect services were running, and then relaunched retrospect. This time the application came up instead of the monitor.


All is working properly again (Windows Server 2008)


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Thanks, but that's not really a "fix". :-)


The reason that the monitor comes up is that there's a background version running, so, obviously, killing the background task in task manager will "solve" the problem. However, you've just killed your backup task, too, and will have to manually restart it. I'm also not so sure you're not risking corrupting your backup sets by doing such a hard kill.


The work around for me is to just have Retrospect launched all of the time. That's not hard for me because I'm backing up my desktop machine, but this wouldn't be a good fix for a server or any other machine that you can't leave "logged in". IMHO, the only fix will be for EMC to figure out how to get this to work the way it used to in Windows XP, where the background task would show in the task bar, and you could launch the full program from there without seeing the monitor.

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