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  1. Is the recommended way to use group policy? If so is there some instructions on how to do this? We have a Windows domain running windows 7 clients with the users logged in with standard non-admin accounts so it appears Retrospect won’t be able to update the clients. I’m running Retrospect multi-server 10.5 on Windows Server Also got a number of Macs connected to the same domain with the same problem. Thanks
  2. Hi Phil, Thanks a lot for your thoughts on your upgrade. When I had a look earlier on the Retrospect website it mentions speed increases of up to 200% for certain tasks, which seems impressive. Glad to hear it’s been stable, that's the main thing. Did you upgrade straight to 10 from 8.5 or did you upgrade to 9 first and then 10? Also did you have to upgrade all the retro clients for them to work with 10 or do the older clients work with 10 as well?
  3. Hello all, We are currently using Retrospect 8.5 multi-server. I've been receiving a popup telling me that Retro 9 and 10 are available to download. My question is how reliable\stable is Retrospect 10 compared to 8.5? New features are great but my number one priority is stability and then performance. Any advise appreciated. Many thanks.
  4. Hello again Lennart, The backup set is indeed a disk based type. This all seems fine a bit of a faff, easily solved by allowing multiple snapshots to be forgotten at once (shift-click). The second option certianly sounds better, think i'll go with that. Thanks
  5. I have a single backup set that holds the backups for a number of computers. Something like this. The following computers… Computer 1 Computer 2 Computer 3 Computer 4 ..are backing up to… Backupset1 Now let’s say Computer 3 has been disposed of and therefore no longer needs to backed up. How do I go about removing that computer from Backupset1 and archiving the data somewhere else? I’ve noticed the Transfer snapshots option which allows me to copy selected snapshots to a new backup set. So I can see how to get the data out but then how do I delete it from backupset1 after I’ve copied it out? Does the forget option simply hide the computer or does it actually remove the data and free up space, which is what I’m after? Is this the recommended way to archive data from backup sets once computers no longer need to be backed up?
  6. OK i'm going to monitor the backup report over the next few days to see what happens. I noticed today that one system has gone up to two days now. I appreciate your help guys, many thanks.
  7. Ah now I see the columns, thanks JoTraGo. I've configured the report as you suggested but i'm only seeing a figure under elapsed days for systems that have backed up today\yesterday (either a 0 or a 1). The other systems just don't have anything listed next to them. For instance looking at one particular computer, if I look at the backup set for this system, under snapshot, the last time it created a snapshot was the 14/05/2014 yet it doesn't show anything under the elapsed days column. Shouldn't I be seeing figures next all these based on when they last backed up?
  8. Indeed, it maybe something critical or may not. That's why I want a list of all computers that haven't backed up in x number of days. This way I can determine if a system just had a one off error (someone turned the comuter off) or if there's a persistant issue. Lennart do you see the "Elapsed Days" column in your backup report window? I think this would be the answer for me.
  9. Lennart I get a lot of -519 errors, that's really what I meant. Retrospects working on those machines but something prevented it from completing. These are the ones i'm interested in. JoTraGo where is this "Elapsed Days" Column? This sounds like it's exactly what i'm after. The only columns i'm seeing are: User/Volume Errors, Warnings Backup Set Script I’m running Multi Server version 8.5.0
  10. What’s the best way to monitor Retrospect for serious problems? For instance if a computer completely stops backing up? Nearly all my systems run on a proactive schedule and I get multiple errors every day relating to computer’s not backing up. A lot of the time it’s simply down to the system not being active at that particular time when the proactive backup tries to run. It’s then usually picked up later that day or the following day, so it’s not something I need to worry about. What I’m after are the ones that I do need to worry about, the ones that haven’t backed up in a few days and have a permanent failure. How would I go about getting this information from Retrospect? The backup report just seems to show me if a client backed up last time it ran and doesn’t show me any history to work with.
  11. I don't see how they can say not being able to backup open files is optional when doing a full system backup. The way I see it the open file add-on is mandatory and IS a prerequisite.
  12. If it's not a prerequisite then how can you do a full system backup without the ofo add-on? As you've seen some files, such as NTUSER.DAT, are always going to be in use. I would say you really do need ofo to do this job properly and its not just recommeneded but mandatory. From what you're saying it sounds like the free windows backup utility is more capable than the base Retrospect at this. What are you planning to do Matt?
  13. Thanks for sharing your setup Lennart. I'd thought about backing up computers over night but we're required to shutdown systems over night to save power. If they go to sleep, they don't always tend to wake up so I don't think we can get away with it.
  14. We currently use Retrospect to back up around a dozen computers. I have a separate backup set and script for each computer which is working fine. Soon I’d like to expand this out so that another 70 or so computers will be backed up. If I continued to use my current process which is having a separate backup set and script for each computer it’s going to be a lot to setup and manage. What’s the recommended way for handling a medium to large amount of computers? Do people backup multiple computers to the same backup sets? I guess I’d still need separate scripts for each computer? The Retrospect server backs the files up to hard disk.
  15. Thanks for the conflicitng responses guys. I'm going to perform the upgrade this week so I guess i'll see who had the right response.
  16. Anyone upgrade and had any problems, if so what was the resolution? I'm not sure if the silence after a hundred views is a good thing or not.
  17. Hello all, I’ll soon be updating our Retrospect server from 7.7 to 8.1 and was wondering what the correct procedure for this would be? Is there anything I need to prepare beforehand before starting the install? What about actually installing it, should I remove 7.7 first and then install 8.1 or should I just install over the top? If I remove 7.7 beforehand will I lose anything? Is there anything I should do post install, any clean-up required? Most of my systems are using the latest 7.7 clients, do I need to upgrade these to 8.x clients before they’ll work? Also does anyone have tips that I should employ to ensure this goes as smoothly as possible? Many thanks in advance.
  18. Hi Richard, first day back at work today and I've just made your suggested change to one of the backup sets and it appears to be working fine now. It seems the help file is a bit out of date and could do with some updating. Thanks for your help.
  19. Hi Richard, thanks so much for the reply. It sounds simple enough so i'll give this a shot when I get back in the office, will be out for a week.
  20. I'm currently in the process of moving our Retrospect server 7.7 installation from a from a Windows Server 2003 server to a Windows server 2008 server. I've been looking for some information on how I would go about this and the only thing i've found so far is a page under the help file called Moving Retrospect. The 4 steps are as follows. To move Retrospect to a new backup computer: 1.Install Retrospect on the new computer. 2. Copy the Catalog Files (with name extensions .rbc and .rbf) from the old backup computer to the new computer. The default location that Catalog Files are saved is ..\My Documents\ Retrospect Catalog Files. 3. Copy the configuration file (Config75.dat) from the old backup computer to the new computer. The configuration file is saved is either in the same folder as the Retrospect application, or in ..\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect. 4. Next, you must force Retrospect (on the new backup computer) to recognize the Catalog Files you just moved. The easiest way to do this is to select all of the catalogs in the Windows Explorer, and drag them onto the Retrospect application icon. Retrospect opens a Backup Set configuration window for each Catalog, causing it to recognize the catalogs. I've followed the instructions and copied over the catalog and config file but the instructions make no mention of copying over the actual backup sets, but I copied over those anyway. As per the instructions I dragged the catalog files over to the retrospect application icon and then opened Retrospect. All the clients, backup sets and scripts were shown in the relevant windows and everything appeared ok. I then tried to backup one of the client computers by running it's script and a window popped up asking for the location of the Backup Set. This is not surprising really as the catlog and backup sets are located in a different location on the new server. I get the same popup asking for the backup set when I try a restore as well. What's the correct procedure for moving a Retrospect installation to a new system? How can I fix this problem where Retropsect on the new server doesn't know where all the backup sets are located? Regards
  21. Next time it does it i'll check the paths but i'm sure the first time I did go directly to the main Retrospect.exe file and double click it and it opened the monitor and not the main application.
  22. I've just found out that if I click the little power button on the retrospect monitor screen it does open the main application which does help alot. So it's just a matter of finding out how to stop the monitor from opening in the first place.
  23. Whenever I run Retrospect there is a good chance that instead of the main Retrospect application launching I get something called Retrospect monitor opening instead. Restarting the computer does not fix the problem and I have to actually reinstall Retrospect in order to get the main application to open again. I've probably reinstalled over a dozen times now and updating to 7.7 has not fixed the problem. Can someone please tell me how to stop this from happening? Thanks
  24. Hi Russ I just wanted to get back to you to let you know that the "Add Snapshot" button was the key. As you mentioned in your last post Retrospect only shows the last most current snapshot so it appeared to me that the files were being removed from retrospect. Now I can see its not showing the file in the most current snapshot and using the add snapshot button allows me to open an older snapshot where the file does exist. Thanks for your help.
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