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Client File Size Limit


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Does anyone know if there is a limit on the size of file that can be backed up?


We have recently received a new data set for one of our applications that has a single file that is 413GB in size. Whenever the backup process reaches this file we receive a "Trouble reading files, error -519 (network communication failed)" for the volume that hosts the file. If I use a Selector to ignore the file the backup completes normally.


Any recommendations more than welcome.


Windows SBS2003 SP2

Retrospect 7.6.123 DU/HF




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I've checked if we have such large files laying around, but we have not.


It could be a problem with the client version of Retrospect, I'm not really sure because I do not have any experience with the Linux client.


As far as I can see your tape drive isn't in the supported devices list. This might be the reason of the problem. Is it possible to make a test backup to local HDD storage? That way you can eliminate one factor.

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I'm running the backup now to an HDD to see if that makes a difference.


I'll post again when the backup completes.


The client is the latest for Linux, but who knows it may well have a limit.


Also, the Quantum SuperLoader series has been qualified since v7.0 on Windows (see http://www.retrospect.com/supportupdates/technical/retrospect/detail/?id=9413) and the problem we are having has only manifested itself with this one very large file. Other than this all else backs up normally.

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Too bad this is one of those things that takes a while to test. At least it will be relatively quick to HDD.


I checked the Quantum SuperLoader but used the "2" after "SDLT" ;-)


As it appears it's supported, so I suspect the client. But you'll never know. At least you'll know for sure then.


Another test you could do is to copy that huge file to a windows based client and try to back it up again. That would eliminate another factor.

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Finally I'm getting around to posting an update for this problem.


Running the backup to either HDD or NAS resulted in a clean backup of the file in question.


So I put my thinking cap on and monitored the progress of the backup more closely. The break in communications occurs when the Tape AutoLoader has to change tapes because the file is larger than the capacity (even compressed) of the tape.


I suspect that Retrospect just loses it's way during the tape change.


So for the time being this file is being backed up to NAS only.


Ramon - thanks for all your help on this.

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