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Client pops up backup warning dialog in "service console" window context


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I'm running Retrospect Client on a Win7 64bit machine. When Retrospect Server comes around to my machine, a button on my toolbar starts blinking. I click on the button, and Windows 7 tells me that a service is trying to tell me something, but in the window context of services. Under Win7 (and maybe even Vista?), the window context of services is kept separate from the window context of users for security reasons. So anyway, I say yes to Windows 7, please show me that window from the service. When I do that, all four of my monitors turn blue with the background color of the service context. The old tiny Retrospect dialog shows up in the middle, asking me if I want to delay backups or let them start. Once I dismiss the dialog, I'm returned to my desktop, which completely redraws itself as if I'd returned from switching users.


Is this something strange on my machine, or is this really the way it is supposed to work?


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