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Retrospect 7.7 backs up files that haven't changed


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I have Retrospect 7.7.208 with hotfix on a Windows 7 32bit machine, with several physical disc drives. Every night, I run an automated normal backup of the C and D drives to a disk backup set on an external hard drive.


Sometimes, it backs up lots of files that haven't changed. For example, the D drive has all my photographs and music files on it. Every now and then, the entire music sub-folder (about 35 GBytes, in 2,000 files) gets backed up, when no changes have occurred. It doesn't seem to happen to the photographs, which are under a different sub-folder. I believe that the same thing is happening on my C drive, but it is not as easy to discover which files are affected. There are no signs of errors being reported anywhere that I can find.


I don't remember this happening with 7.6.

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