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Error 206 Dirty Head failure with external HDs

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I have not been able to back up for almost a month, and every time I try to start a backup--I've been trying to make a clean (new) backup--Retrospect will write several (8-40) GBs of information to the external HD and then stop with this error message: Trouble writing media: "1-New B" error 206 (drive reported a failure: dirty heads, bad media, etc.)


I broke down and bought a brand new LaCie external hard drive thinking that in fact something might be wrong with the first drive, a Western Digital Drive that is only a year old.


I get this same error message with the brand new drive.


I've run Disk Utility on the new drive, it passed with flying colors. I'm running Tech Tool Pro (Surface Scan) right now and so far it's all green lights, but with a 2TB drive, it could be days before it finished. :)


I'm on a Dual Core 1.8 Ghz Power PC G5 mac, running 10.4.11.


5.5 GB RAM


Retrospect Backup 6.1.230, Driver Update Version is


The LaCie is a brand-new 2TB d2 Quadra partitioned into two 931GB+ drives.

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