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error -24201 (chunk checksum didn't match)

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Hi All,


I am trying to restore a file on one of our backup sets. And it keeps popping out this error.


Sorry, restore preparation failed, error -24201 (chunk checksum didn't match).


When verifying this catalog set the log will output


->Can't load source session tree for 11/30/2009 10:53 AM, error -24201 (chunk checksum didn't match)

-> Couldn't verify 470,462 files due to missing or incomplete media


When rebuilding the catalog set retrospect will say "the catalog portion of the fileBackupsetMW appears to be valid. Rebuild it anyway?"


is my backup set corrupted?


More info:


We are on Retrospect 6.1.230 running on Mac OS X server 10.5.7. Backup set is configured as file backup set. The catalog was save on an 4TB RAID 0 OWC FW external rack-mount drive and the current size of the backup set is 1TB.


how do i retrieve files now? can anyone help.

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Have you checked the condition of the disk volume using Disk Utility or Disk Warrior?


When you got the "rebuild anyway" message, did you continue the catalog rebuild or did you cancel?


You haven't by chance moved either the data and catalog files in this backup set to a different location, have you? With file backup sets, the data file and catalog file need to reside in the same directory folder.


If the files are where they belong, if the file structure on the disk volume checks out OK, and if you still can't repair/rebuild the catalog, you may be out of luck.

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I am receiving the same error:


"Couldn't open catalog xxxx, error -24201 (chunk checksum didn't match"



If anyone could give some insight on this, it would be most helpful.


Here's the story:

We use retrospect 6.1.230 on two Mac G4s running on 10.5.8 with two quantum Ultrium 3 tape drives. A couple months ago we attempted to centralize the catalogs on a Mac OSX server, but started running into problems, which I now know would be mostly resolved by upgrading to retrospect 8 (although we would lose backwards compatibility).

We've managed to work our way through most of the problems after returning to local catalog folders, however we are running into that error on several backups we made while using the centralized catalogs.


Here is the catch: We can access those problem catalogs on the server folder, but not after we copy them to the local folder (that's when we get the error). We surmise there may be a problem with the permissions, but the standard chmodding does nothing.









Just tried to restore from the server located catalog folder and got the exact same checksum error on those as well. I mistakenly assumed since the script was set to the server located catalog that it was ok. it is not.


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