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  1. I am receiving the same error: "Couldn't open catalog xxxx, error -24201 (chunk checksum didn't match" If anyone could give some insight on this, it would be most helpful. Here's the story: We use retrospect 6.1.230 on two Mac G4s running on 10.5.8 with two quantum Ultrium 3 tape drives. A couple months ago we attempted to centralize the catalogs on a Mac OSX server, but started running into problems, which I now know would be mostly resolved by upgrading to retrospect 8 (although we would lose backwards compatibility). We've managed to work our way through most of the problems after returning to local catalog folders, however we are running into that error on several backups we made while using the centralized catalogs. Here is the catch: We can access those problem catalogs on the server folder, but not after we copy them to the local folder (that's when we get the error). We surmise there may be a problem with the permissions, but the standard chmodding does nothing. Advice? -Caleb UPDATE: Just tried to restore from the server located catalog folder and got the exact same checksum error on those as well. I mistakenly assumed since the script was set to the server located catalog that it was ok. it is not.
  2. Your post would seem to imply you are archiving to a new backup set; is that correct? Correct. Have you ever been able to perform this archiving operation successfully in the past? This was a completely new backup of a project. Typically we back up a given project as a new catalog once it's completed and remove it from our servers. We have done this several times from our main server, but this is the first attempt off a new server partition. What happens if you define a subvolume on the source volume and use this subvolume as a source for archiving? Haven't tried that yet, but will give it a shot. While you are at it, perhaps you could give us more info about your setup, including OS version, exact Retrospect version and any installed RDUs, what kind of tape drive, how it's connected to the backup computer, and exactly where the backup set catalog is being stored. Retrosepct 6.1.230 MAC OS 10.5.8 Not sure what an RDU is, but if it's a retrospect driver update, none that I'm aware of. Quantum Ultrium 3 LTO Backup set is being stored on a server -not locally. I am currently attempting to archive from our other retrospect set up (same specs as above), but this time creating the back up on the mac's hard drive. I also attempted to repair the back up catalog by rebuilding from the tapes I had made, but due to a restore being needed, I had to cancel. Will try again soon.
  3. I am running retrospect 6.1 on a G5 mac and archiving off of NFS server mounts and after an archive completed, I went to spot check the data with a restore, only to get this error: "Sorry, restore preparation failed, error -24160 (catalog is invalid/damaged)." I threw out the catalog and restarted from scratch only to get the same error message after another trouble free archive to tape. Any ideas?
  4. I am running copies of retrospect 6.1 on two G5 Macs with 10.5.8, and would like to centralize the database on our server, which would include the Back Up Set Catalog files and the scripts. Is there a way to combine the scripts so all that were formerly on separate computers can be accessed from one point on the server by both computers?
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