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Multiserver 7.6.123 with D2D2T, disk full


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We have Multiserver 7.6.123 configured for D2D2T.

With Proactive backup from Laptops (+100) to a Disk Backup Set.

With Snapshot Transfer script from the Disk Backup Set to Tape Backup Set.


The problem is that the server disk gets full, but for a bit different reason: We only want to use a disk to enable simultaneous execution units and not actually store snapshots on the disk but more of less immediately transfer the snapshots to tapes (when available).


If we use disk Grooming, then the problem is that it tries at minimum to store one snapshot of every client (+100).


If we Recycle the disk based Backup Set after Disk Snapshot Transfer to Tape then Proactive backup will again do a complete backup of the client.



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This is the way Retrospect works. It always will (try to) create at least one single working (latest) snapshot. So in order to make this work you need enough disk space to hold those snapshots. The second step, transferring to tape, is something the first d2d backup will not take into account.


Remedy is to get more storage space.

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