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Retro8=early predictor of machine issues


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If nothing else Retro continues to be a nice predictor of machine/drive issues. I found that Retro is nice early warning indicator of drive/connection issues- that's assuming you've got it running reliably and can establish a performance baseline.


History lesson:

I'm told by other long time users on this list (or the email group) that this has been a performance tool going back to Retro 2.0 and SCSI days. My experience only goes back to Retro 3.5... Sweet!


When backup speed slows greatly on a particular client (backup speed<50% of the average), it's time to start looking at disk, CPU, machine, network, or related areas. If it's all the clients then you take a look at the Backup server side, or network. Your system may be running fine AFAYK, but very soon it won't be.


My list of 'the usual' suspects:

  • Disk related (permissions, startup drive repair)
    CPU related (multiple activities, clogged RAM)
    Connectivity issues


Have fun...



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