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Multiple destinations depending on selector rule?

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It's a tough one to explain, but it would be handy for some to have a concept of multiple selectors (filters) and backup sets (destinations) per backup.


i.e. I have about 50 desktops. I want to be able to push some data to one backup set and other data to another.


Currently to do this, I have to have two separate backups which duplicates the whole client scan process, which seems inefficient.



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It's a good thought, but I doubt if it can be done with the current design. The scanning and filtering (selectors) happens integrally; the filters are applied to the result of the filesystem tree walk on the fly, and the resulting list of files is handed off for comparison with the catalog.


Basically, what you are asking is for the entire filesystem tree walk to happen first without any filtering (that's a huge amount of data, and is best done on the fly), then to apply the filters against that tree walk, which really amounts to scanning twice.



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Is that right?


On my server, say in proactive mode, it hits a client, scans the file structure. I thought it then applies a filter (selector) and then backs up the remaining files before building a snapshot. If the scan is simply looking for selected files/folders, then surely it has to scan the whole drive tree anyway, so it could (in theory) always retain this information and apply multiple filters...


Whilst we're on the topic (ish), I don't quite understand why the snapshot has to scan the client again? I thought the snapshot was a catalogue of all files in the tree at a point in time...? Does the first scan collect that info, or is it because the filter is applied during the scan that it doesn't have a full tree stored?



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