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Retrospect Incorrectly setting clocks

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This AM I noticed that my clocks are 5 hour behind. Retrospect workgroup 6.1.230. They are all set to coordinate themselves with the Apple USA time servers. I reset one of the Mac clients to the correct time. Then when I looked in the client configuration, it shows the clock which I had set to the correct time to be 5 hours off while the clock on the computer that is 5 hours off was reported as being within a few seconds of being correct. This is a new issue and I have not changed any retrospect settings in months. Location time zone settings on all machines are set correctly. Clients are MacOSX 10.6.2. Retrospect running on MacOS 10.5.8 Server.


Has anyone else seen this?


Is there a way I can prevent Retrospect from automatically setting the clocks on the clients?



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