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Password stops working temporarily

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This is a bizarre problem that happens intermittently on my system.



Example 1:

I launch Retrospect, I enter the admin password, it opens fine.


I perform some backup operations. Or I leave it running, and it performs scripted backup operations.


Later, I try to check the log, and it asks me for the admin password (after it has performed scripted operations). I enter the same password that I successfully used before, and it fails with "Sorry, that is the wrong key." I try it with caps lock on, off, no difference.


At this point, I cannot do anything it seems except force quit Retrospect, since I cannot quit the program unless I'm logged in, and it won't let me log-in.


So, force quit. Re-launch Retrospect. Password DOES NOT work: "You have entered an invalid user name or password."


Reboot. Now working again.



Example 2:

Launch Retrospect, log-in, perform backup operations successfully, log out. Leave Mac running all day. Launch the program later - most times it works, but sometimes, cannot enter password successfully. Unable to log-in. Same as above.


Must reboot, then it works again.



=== Specs ================================

Main machine:

MacPro Quad (2 x 3.0 Ghz Dual-Core Intel Xeon)

OS X 10.4.11, 12 GB RAM

Retrospect 6.1.230; driver update

Mac Clients: 6.2.234

Windows Clients: 7.6.107

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Is it possible that you have inadvertently switched the keyboard layout from something other than the US layout? If you type into a document after the problem occurs, do you see any unexpected characters?


If you log out rather than reboot, are you able to log back in using your usual password? If you can successfully log back in, can you then access Retrospect?

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