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retro vs vxa 320


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After reading that retro had fixed some problems with the vxa 320 (i.e. it can now erase tapes), I was hoping that retro would work with the vxa-320 hooked up via firewire. Computer is running 10.5.7, latest retro engine and console (v8.1 build 622)


Anyway, I am unable to assign tapes in the vxa to the media set. When I try and add members to the media set, I click on + and the I get an error....I can cancel but cannot add...


The log says the following:


stucFinished: incorrect scsiServiceResponse 0x1

stucFinished: transaction result 0x6


Also, in the drive appears 2x in storage devices, (one entry is the main drive and the other entry is the library)...Sometimes the main drive has a status of not responding, not sure if that has anything to do with it. Also, yesterday in storage devices I tried to erase the tapes in the library and retrospect console crashed (I tried on multiple machines)


so, does retro work with the vxa-320 over firewire, or should I just give up, as I have not been able to get retro 8 to work reliably with the vxa320....


Thanks in advance



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