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"Add as storage" request during backup


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I have a recurring problem when trying to update backups to an external hard drive. When it reaches the "executing" stage, although there's plenty of space left on the backup drive, Retrospect 7.6 professional tells me to "Select a disk to add as storage to [backup filename... (All data will probably fit on this disk)]." If I select the current backup drive from the list, I receive the message "This disk is in use as another member, choose another disk or location." In the past, to get around this probelm, I've actually erased the old backup set and completely redone backups, which takes hours. I’m stuck…would appreciate any help...

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Is this a disk set? I've found that occasionally disk sets "forget" that more space has been made on a drive.


Open the disk set, go to "members" and you should see your disk listed. Select the member, click "properties" and you should see something like:


"use at most XXXX G or YYY percent"


Make sure YYY=100



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I gave up and called (paid for) tech support. Like you, they also suggested changing "use up to," but to 99 percent. However,it turns out that it was a catalog file problem. After rebuilding the catalog file and "forgetting" some old backup sets, things now seem to be working. Thanks for you good suggestion.

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