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Retrospect Annoyances

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1) Self destruction of config files. Apart from occuring with the obvious, system crashes etc, this frequently occurs when Retrospect updates itself. There must be a better way to store and access the config data so it is kept safe.


2) Why is there a lower limit on the length of a file name than Windows allows? If a file name is valid in Windows, Retrospect should be able to back it up.


3) Why is Retrospect not capable of using the driver letter supplied by the OS to correctly identify USB media for scripts? Discs on the same port with the same drive letter are treated as different discs and require separate scripts before they can be used as a destination for duplication backups. This should not be necessary.


4) Why can the program not cope gracefully with multiple startup requests? Because of the problems associated with (3), I aqm forced to run jobs from a batch file which has to check which disc is mounted and run the appropriate run document. On some systems, when Retrospect is already running, issuing the run document as a command causes Retrospect to complain that it is already running, instead of adding the job into the queue.

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To address 1: this is easy enough to correct. Have retrospect back up its own \documents and settings\all users\retrospect directory once a day to a set. Then if you get corruption all you need to is mount that one set, restore you config dir to a new location, close the two retrospect processes, and restore your config folder. Reboot retrospect and you're all set. :)

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I agree that you can work round this problem, but it should not be necessary. New users to Retrospect would not know this and would therefore not be prepared to deal with such a problem. This has been known about for years, yet nothing has been done to prevent it. It is just sloppy programming.

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