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can't selective recover files

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FInally - Retrospect 8 for us poor people (G5 Mac)


2GHz iMac G5, 2 Gig RAM, OS/X 10.5.7

Retrospect 8,1 (build 150)


I downloaded and have been putting the new R8 through extensive testing on my network and while I have some initial mixed feelings about the interface I will reserve judgement for a while since it is quite possible that it is more an issue of familiarity than anything else and that with time I will come to like it.


Backups of Macs and Linux server seem to be working fine after I got the hang of the new GUI. Scripts developed, tested, schedules set up and working, in general things seem to be going reasonably well (except for performance but that is within tolerable levels if not "snappy")




Restore of files back up from the Linux server fails if/when I use the "Search for files in selected media sets". I know the files are in the media set because


1) I can watch them being backed up via "Summary" in the "Activities" as the backup occurs (yes, during testing I spent a lot of time *watching* the backups execute step by step... I have no life)

2) "Restore selected files and folders" (not executed but prepped) shows all the files ready to restore.

3) Using "Browse" (in "Past Backups") shows the files


Testing of selective restores for files backed up from the Mac client worked fine. But when I enter criteria such as "file name is and value" or "file name starts with..." or "file name contains..." to locate and restore files from the linux server there are never any files "found"in the Media Set to be restored.


This is a show stopper for an upgrade. I hope it is something silly I am doing/overlooking but until I can get this to work I cannot upgrade.


Any ideas?

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