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Net retry... (WinXP client)

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I am coming back to retrospect after a few years of avoiding it -- and I installed Retro 6.1.230 (workgroup) on my G5/2.7DP (PPC) running OSX 10.5.7


Backups from my other MAC clients (running a variety of OS's) all are fine.


I AM NOT able to backup my WinXP machine -- and getting the same error:


"Net retry..." about 533 folders into the scan.


Yes, I have the most current WinXP client: Retrospect Client for Windows 7.6.107 -- I also tried 7.6.106 -- no change. I also tried 7.0.112 and 6.5.140 (each time doing a complete uninstall before installing new version, and restart)


Retrospect will talk to the WinXP client, and in the general settings for the client, I have tried "back up selected volumes" -- or "back up client desktop" or "back up startup volume". No change.


I have added exceptions to the Windows Firewall = port 497 for TCP and UDP, and retroclient (application). No change.


At 533 folders (3322 files) the scan hangs, and then "net retry..."


I can mount and drag copy the entire file structure of the WinXP machine from the mac. The network works just fine.


There must be a fundamental problem here -- I have been using Retrospect since version 1 (1988?) -- I have used windows clients and mac clients for years -- what's DIFFERENT is that I am now trying to run retrospect from my studio workstation (G5/2.7DP OSX 10.5.7 8gigs ram) as opposed to an ancient G4 running 10.4.x


CAN I back up a WinXP network client from Retrospect 6.1.230 running on a PPC mac/OSX 10.5.7?


Thanks for your guidance.




PS --the network is wired ethernet. Throughput for days. If I try to drag copy files from the WinXP client to the G5, I can move data very quickly! The destination media is a file on the G5. Doesn't matter which drive (be it FW800 or eSATA or internal SATA or the NAS). I can also move data FROM the G5 to the WinXP machine. The network clearly works. Except with retro. :-( All help is appreciated!!!

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