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Backup set media connection lost

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Hi there


I recently had a problem with Retrospect 6.5 whereby Proactive Backup failed. We solved this by upgrading to 7.6, and things seem OK now. In fact with a newer PC running Retrospect, backups are completing quicker.


I do have one remaining problem though. Since installing 7.6 on a new PC I had to restore my settings from the old config.dat file and copy over the catalog files.


On running scripts again, the first problem was that Retrospect couldn't find the catalog files. So I clicked on the Properties button for each backup set, and pointed to the correct file. This is fair enough as they're on a different partition.


The sole remaining problem is that Retrospect no longer sees the media - it says it's looking for, for example, "1-Monday" and I have the "Monday" disk in place. I have to navigate to the drive and tell Retrospect to proceed - it warns me that the existing media will be erased or something, then does the backup no problem.


We're using external hard drives (Idealstor Teralyte drive using SATA disks) - we rotate a set of 5 plus we a spare set of 5 for use when I'm away for any reason. I want to make sure all disks are ready to go when the scripts run. So far I've had to be present as each script launches - it fails to proceed without the steps described above.


I'm sure an existing post has probably covered this, but I couldn't find anything and gave up after an hour - sorry if I'm going over old ground.




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