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Reinstalling Tiger Language Files

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Robin, the idle brain is really te devil's workshop! :)

Yesterday to save space on my 80G hard drive, I used the app "ICleanLanguage" and sure enough, it reclaimed 1.3G of space!

Good, I thought, until I tried to do a Retrospect 6.1 back up. After two tries..one using the old "Backup Set A" and another using a new "Backup Set B"...I am without a backup because Retro found over 200,000 execution errors and would not proceed. Bummer.

I do have a log indicating the files that were removed.

At MacUpdate, I read this: "Reinstall OS X. Don't do an archive/install or erase/install, just run the installer that came with your Mac (or 10.5) again. It should intelligently find/add just the files back you deleted."

Do you think that is true? I'm hoping not to have to do a complete reinstall or archive/install, but I need to do *something" that allows Retrospect 6.1 to successfully back me up again.

Please help! :confused2:


Robin, I'm raising the question here because some years ago you told me that Retrospect looks for certain files...obviously some of those are language files. TIA for any help you can give me.

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