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Can't backup some Windows sub-volumes: error -36

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I am having problems with *some* sub-volumes on Windows clients - they won't back up unless the Windows hard drive containing the sub-volumes is mounted. But other sub-volumes (on the same drive) don't have this problem.


Specifically, I have a client running Windows XP. There are 3 sub-volumes defined on the client (which contain Mac files, with non-Windows file names).


When I perform a scheduled backup, which backs up the client (minus the 3 sub-volumes) and then the 3 sub-volumes, what happens is:


(A) the Windows XP hard drive is NOT mounted on the machine doing the backup.


1. The client is backed up

2. Two of the sub-volumes are backed up

3. A third sub-volume has problems: "Can't access volume KARMA Source on XP Hard Drive, error -36 (i/o error, bad media?)


(B) The Windows XP hard drive is mounted on the machine doing the backup:


- all sub-volumes back up properly.


I have a second Windows machine also running XP, which exhibits a similar behavior (it has only one sub-volume). If I mount the unit's hard drive on the backup machine first, everything backs up with no problems. If the hard drive is unmounted, then it cannot backup the sub-volume.


Other than making sure I've mounted with Windows XP Hard Drive(s) prior to backing up each night, any ideas on what can I do to fix this? Thanks!


=== Specs ================================

Main machine:

MacPro Quad (2 x 3.0 Ghz Dual-Core Intel Xeon)

OS X 10.4.11, 12 GB RAM

Restrospect 6.1.230; driver update

Windows Clients: 7.6.107

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It sounds like you may have created the subvolumes when the Windows volumes were mounted on the backup machine's desktop.


I would try this: Unmount the Windows volumes, forget the problematic subvolumes in Configure> Volumes, and then recreate them. Also, are you explicitly listing each of the desired volumes and subvolumes as sources in your backup script? If instead you are listing the clients themselves as sources, you will need to go to Configure> Clients and be sure that each of these Windows clients is set to "Back up selected volumes" and that all the desired volumes and subvolumes are highlighted in the client's Volume tab.

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Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the late response, I've only now been able to look into this.


I did what you said and forgot the two subvolumes, and then unmounted the Windows client.


If I do that, then the client is grayed out in the Volumes list. And if I click on the client and click the "Subvolumes" button, it asks me to log-in to the client (SMB/CIFS File System Authentication), and when I attempt to do so it (using the computer's correct password), it gives me an error:


"Sorry, server login failed, error -5000 (server:no privileges) - Please try manually connecting to it."


Of course, this is what I always do - manually connect to it, using the password (which works) and then run the backups (which also work, at least for the main client hard drive...)


Is there something specific I need to do to the Windows Client to allow Retrospect to login to it and avoid this error dialog? Thanks.

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In rereading my post, I see I may not have been as clear as I intended. When I talked about unmounting the Windows volumes, that was only in the possible case where they had been mounted as shares on the backup computer's desktop.


Can we assume that the Windows client in question is listed in the Backup Clients Database? If you forget the client, any volumes associated with that client should then completely disappear from the Volumes Database, and should not simply be grayed out. If a volume doesn't disappear from the list after forgetting the client, that would indicate it was not being accessed via the Retrospect Client software.


Here, then is what I'd suggest: Forget the Windows client. Forget any volumes from that computer that are still listed in the Volumes Database. Make sure that no volumes from the client computer are mounted on the backup Mac's desktop. Log the client back in and use your desired method to add the client volumes as sources for your backup script.

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