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Retrospect Multiserver : Proactive and Transfer Question

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I have 2 servers running retrospect 7.6, one has a SDLT Autoloader and one had !!TB Raid Drive. I want to run Proactove 1/day on my File aervers between the hours of 7pm and 7am to the 11TB drive. Then running Proactive Backup set transfers from the 11TB drive to Tape during the hours 7:30am and 6:30 pm.


The problems are:


1.I have to share the Retrospect Catalogue file for both servers to see it.


2. I am backing up over 8 TB of data that takes about a week.


3. I can seem to be able to make transfering backupsets proactive.


I am sure there are more holes in my idea than I realise, any help/advise would be appreciated.



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Well the reason I would like to, is so that one server backs up Files and folders to disk during the night, then the other server transfers those backups to tape during the day.

Why do you want to do that using proactive scripts? At least the transfer to tape should work perfectly using ordinary scripts.

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Yes it does, but...I want to be able to allow the 'transfer to tape' to run within the working hours Only, so that the backup to disk can start to run end of day as normal.


However because the transfer to Tape is slower than the backup to disk, it would run for much longer in order to complete. And interfere with my backup to disks backups:

like this:


Retrospect Server 1


Backup Fileservers Proactivly between 7pm and 7am


Retrospect Server 2


Transfers Backup set to tape between 7:30am and 6:30pm



Each script picks up where it left of the day before....am I barking (mad) up the wrong tree.




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