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System Volume Information


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Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service, when turned on in Windows Server 2003/2008, creates block level backups of changed shared files on a scheduled basis. It stores these backup files in a hidden folder called System Volume Information located either on the volume in question, or better yet, in a separate volume. It is from these backups that users can choose Previous Versions of a file/folder and recover it themselves.


Backing these files up via Retrospect seems pointless to me, so I've created a selector to exclude these files based on the named folder.


On a Windows XP workstation, System Restore files may be located in a hidden folder by the same name. Likewise, I am choosing not to back up those files, either. My selector should work on either server or workstation volumes.


Some may see a virtue in including these files in a Retrospect snapshot, but I don't.


I hope this helps someone who is deciding what files need to be backed up.




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