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  1. We just installed Retrospect Client 11 on a new iMac running Mac OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks and, while the install went well, the client reports to our Retrospect 9 for Windows server that there are no hard drives on the client computer. Has anyone seen this? Shall we reinstall or revert to Client 10? Inquiring sys ads want to know. Gary
  2. Thanks. That helped me, too. (Also adjusting the firewall....) Gary
  3. I have MOSS2007 installed on a WinServer 2008 (in a vm). This is the free/starter version of MOSS and I don't recall that it asked me for an account name for the SSEE2005 that it installed underneath MOSS2007. We did opt to use Domain Authentication but now I can't figure out what username/password to give the Retrospect SQL Server Agent to successfully log in to the SSEE installation? Can I buy a clue?
  4. Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service, when turned on in Windows Server 2003/2008, creates block level backups of changed shared files on a scheduled basis. It stores these backup files in a hidden folder called System Volume Information located either on the volume in question, or better yet, in a separate volume. It is from these backups that users can choose Previous Versions of a file/folder and recover it themselves. Backing these files up via Retrospect seems pointless to me, so I've created a selector to exclude these files based on the named folder. On a Windows XP workstation, System Restore files may be located in a hidden folder by the same name. Likewise, I am choosing not to back up those files, either. My selector should work on either server or workstation volumes. Some may see a virtue in including these files in a Retrospect snapshot, but I don't. I hope this helps someone who is deciding what files need to be backed up. Best, Gary
  5. Of course, you could back up the virtual machines on the host using an appropriate Retrospect Client for that host. Are you asking how you back up the VMWare host and the settings for each client? That's a good question that EMC needs to answer for us. There is not yet a client for the VMWare host and, AFAIK, the virtual machines can't "see" the host and its files.
  6. Nevermind.... A good reboot made it all better.
  7. I'm running Retrospect 7.5.508 on Windows 2003 Server and have a variety of Windows and Mac clients. Now I'm trying to add a new Mac client but Retrospect says I'm typing the wrong client password. I AM NOT! The client platform is MacOS X Server 10.4 Tiger and I've tried both the Retrospect Client for Mac 6.2 and 6.1. Between installations I trash both the application and all supporting files that have "retro" in the name. The Retrospect server can see the client but when I type the client password (given when I install the client software) to complete the connection, I'm told it is in error and I cannot add the client to my stable. This is getting highly annoying. I might even have to call Tech Support, it's that bad. Can I buy a clue?
  8. Thanks, Russ, That's a good clue. Sure enough, her Retrospect Client is inside a Retrospect folder inside Applications. We'll move it and see hot it behaves. Best, Gary
  9. I have a MacOS X user (PowerBook G4) whose Retrospect Client v. 6.1.130 does not stay ON. She must launch the client app and turn it on after each reboot/login. As a result, she does not remember to do this and the machine does not get backed up. Her account is an admin on the machine. This does not seem to occur with my other MacOS X clients. My Retro server is v. 7.5 on Windows 2000 Server. Clues are welcome.
  10. I'm seeing similar problems with profiles and Outlook preferences, particularly the signature block. Scenario: Retrospect MultiServer 6.0 was backing up a small number of workstations by script just fine, so I upgraded to MultiServer to 6.5, still fine. Then I got ProActive license and brought over some other workstations previously backed up by Retrospect Server for Mac. Suddenly users are losing profiles (correction: losing contact with profile. We can see the My Documents in their Documents and Settings folders, but they don't get it when logging in. We fixed some by renaming Their Documents folder, then having them log in again to get a new My Documents folder, logging out, then moving the contents while logged in as Administrator.) Other users are complaining by losing Outlook signatures. We've moved to nighttime workstation backups. We will try Read Only settings. Do we need Open File Backup license? (This patchwork of licenses is wearing me down.)
  11. I am seeing many key files on my Windows 2000 clients being skipped with the unexpected end of file error (-39). My server is Retrospect 5.0 on a MacOS X 10.2.6 on a PowerMac G3/400 with 1G of RAM. The Dantz knowledgebase refers to this as a Mac OS error but it's happening with regard to files on PCs. Suggestions to solve this problem are welcome. Thanks, Gary
  12. Yes, I've seen this behavior in my setup: MacOS X hosting Retrospect 5.0 server and an increasing number of Windows clients and decreasing number of Mac clients. I've reverted to backing up a target folder only rather than the entire HD. I hope this helps. Let us know if you find a solution.
  13. I'm having the same problem with the Retrospect Client 5.0.528 which came with my Retrospect download when I purchased my latest server licenses. On my MacOS X workstation (now running Developer Preview of Jaguar), the client will not stay "on" but will revert to "off" after a few seconds. By setting Process View to refresh every 5 seconds, I see the process pitond appear on the list of running processes when I click the client on then disappear at the time the client switches to off. I see this problem reported several times in this forum. Has anyone gotten an answer from Dantz? Does Dantz read these posts? Gary
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